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Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017

A Thank You to CMB Fans

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Well this has definitely been "ONE HELL OF A PARTY" and when it's all said and done, we have YOU, THE CMB FANS, to thank for that! This is Jacque Jolene, and it's certainly with mixed emotions that I am writing this post...
We have decided that Copper Mountain Band will no longer be playing and touring. Over the past 10 years we have been able to experience the ride of a lifetime that some artists only get to dream about. Believe me when we say, we have not taken that lightly. We know the success of CMB is because of our amazing fans. We have been blessed to be able to meet you at shows all across the United States and abroad and we LOVED sharing our love of music with you!
Copper Mountain Band - Lewiston 2017

In the beginning, this was just meant to be a bar band, nothing fancy. It was just Nate, Izzi, Casey, Shawn, and I. We had no idea that we'd be blessed to play some freakin cool venues, open for some big names, or get sponsorships (JIM BEAM, THE MONTANA WAY, and SAS SPURILLA)... we became bigger than we ever dreamed! We were taken back by all the love from our fans, such unbelievable support for our original music and fun on stage. After all, it was just us having fun! What an amazing ride this has been...

Old School Copper Mountain Band

Throughout our time on the road, CMB has included the following members, all of which we owe a HUGE THANK YOU to! The original "Circle of Fifths:" Jacque Jolene, Nate Norman, Israel David, Shawn Tong, Casey Mann... then joined later by Johnny Betts, Steve Starkey, Teniya Morelli, Sonny King, CJ Krager, Tim Palmerinke, Lance Shew, and Chance Long! All these talented musicians put their heart and soul into the music, and we couldn't have done it without them!

Copper Mountain Band Live FT. Jacque Jolene

So, where do we go from here...well, you can still catch all of these outstanding musicians on the road doing what they love, so be sure to keep an eye out!! As for me, I've been writing, and learning some fun stuff on my own and I'll never stop playing. Perhaps I jump in with some friends once in a while and do a full band thing, or maybe you can catch me playing an acoustic show. If you are at all interested, just like my Facebook page Jacque Jolene Official
I'll keep you posted on all my music stuff! I can't wait to get my new songs out there!!!
"Here's To Never Gettin Off The Mountain!"
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